Department of Materials Physics

Welcome to Professor Katsuyuki Matsunaga Laboratory!


In this laboratory, we study the structure of materials and their micro and macroscopic properties from electronic, atomic and moleculor aspects, and aim to connect this expertise to development of various innovative materials, and become pioneers in the area of materials physics.

Welcome to prof. Katsuyuki Matsunaga Laboratory!
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◆27 Jan.- 1 Feb. 2019
 43rd International Conference and Exposition on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (ICACC 2019) (Florida,USA) 
 Professor Katsuyuki Matsunaga gave an invited talk
◆16-17 Jan. 2019
 The 57th of Symposium on Basic Science of Ceramics (Sendai international center, Japan) 
 Professor Katsuyuki Matsunaga gave an invited talk
◆18-20 Dec. 2018
 The 28th Annual meeting of The Materials Research Society of Japan (Kitakyushu International Conference Center,Japan) 
 Assistant Professor Tatsuya Yokoi gave an invited talk
◆18 May 2018
Extraordinary plasticity of an inorganic semiconductor in darkness
Our paper by Y. Oshima, A. Nakamura, K. Matsunaga was published in "Science".
This achievement receives a high degree of media coverage!
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7 Oct. 2018
 Added new photo album >> Click here!
We went on a trip to Atami!